Smart Mirror Changing the Way You See Your Health

We’ve talked about wearable devices that monitor your health but now there is a device that can analyze your physical well being just by looking at you. A mirror that incorporates 3D scanners, multi spectral cameras and gas sensors opens the door for preventative health monitoring and risk management. The Smart Mirror, developed by Wize Mirror, uses facial recognition software that looks for common indications of stress or anxiety in the hopes of preventing the possibility of disease.

The gas sensors take samples of the user’s breath looking for any indication of how much the user drinks or smokes. The 3D scanners analyze the face shape to help spot weight gain or loss. The multi-spectral cameras in the mirror can even estimate heart rate or hemoglobin levels.


The software only takes about a minute to analyze the face of the user. After the mirror analyzes the face, it produces a score that will inform the user of how healthy they seem and it gives personalized advice on how to improve their health. This technology has the potential to save many lives of those who are unsure of what signs to look for in early stages of illness.

These mirrors will be available in France and Italy for clinical trials within the next year. The goal is to compare the mirror’s reading with traditional medical devices. This is a great advancement for health monitoring since a mirror is something that is constantly used in everyday life, and wouldn’t require people to adjust to an entirely new device in their lives. Convenience and privacy are two major factors in monitoring health and Wize Mirror has adapted both of those qualities into their product.

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