Microsoft’s Project Premonition’s Drone Technology

Microsoft is introducing Project Premonition that works directly with drone technology to help scientists learn how diseases can become epidemics and how to fight against them in order to decrease medical risks. Researchers working on Project Premonition have been developing drones that are able to collect mosquitoes and take them to a lab where blood samples are taken. The blood samples are then analyzed to determine if they are carrying any diseases from animals they have been in contact with or if the mosquito was carrying a disease itself.

“The idea is that by knowing what sorts of diseases are circulating in the wild, scientists will be better able to mitigate the potential for outbreaks and epidemics. Right now, it’s difficult to manually get this sort of data from animals that live in inhospitable areas—drones could change that.”

The team working on Project Premonition traveled to Granada, Spain in order to test their drone’s abilities to capture and transport mosquitoes. Within five years the goal is to be able to have a drone that is able to do this autonomously. Microsoft will not be entering the drone market to start producing their own drones, but they will be modifying consumer drones to have them run autonomously for this project.

Drone and robot technology continues to evolve rapidly and make new discoveries of how it can lower risks for humans in sectors such as the construction industry and medical field. Current projects such as the ATRIAS Bipedal Robot, that helps to detect risks in hazardous areas, are just some of the ways drone and robot technology are continuing to save lives. Project Premonition is the next big drone project that seems to hold a lot of promise for preventing disease outbreaks and increasing human safety.

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