Fujitsu’s Wearable Sensor Tag for Risk Management

In this SmartCompliance Tech Find we’ll see that with risk management becoming more and more important, technology companies are always changing and developing new ways to keep your company safe. With the already popular wearable health technology, such as Fitbit and Jawbone, individuals are tracking and monitoring their daily physical activities and calorie intake more than ever before.

Fujitsu is one of the companies that continues to plunge deeper into developing wearable technology for the workplace. The newest form of wearable technology from Fujitsu are “stamp-sized wearable sensor tags that can detect whether users have changed their location or posture, fallen down or are experiencing high heat”. The Bluetooth tags are on the cutting edge of wearable technology that can alert you almost immediately if anything is out of the norm.


The tags work by transmitting data through Bluetooth Low Energy. The tag can be worn or attached in many different fashions, like wristbands. They can also be worn on lapels or breast pockets and attached to objects such as shopping carts or walkers. Depending on how the device is being used, it is extremely versatile.

The wearable IoT tags can also house many different sensors, similar to those that smartphones carry such as accelerometers, barometers, gyroscopes, microphones, heart rate monitors and GPS modules.

“These sensors stand out for the many business apps such as medicine or security that are easily incorporated through our cloud solutions,” said Tatsuhiro Ohira, a general manager in Fujitsu’s Ubiquitous Business Strategy Unit.

As with any type of wearable technology that can track employees within your workforce, there is always the concern of privacy. The tag can track when employees are taking breaks and can help monitor and manage your workers health. For some, this may be a little bit too invasive, but can reap major benefits for Human Resources (HR) departments.

Fujitsu is working rapidly to meet the due date for these tags to be released, currently in December 2015. Fujitsu has paved the way for risk management technology to improve the safety of employees in many industries, including the construction sector. Fujitsu’s wearable tracking tags could be a critical step forward for mitigating jobsite risks.

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