Risk Managers: Limited Time Offer on our Certificate of Insurance Management Software

Through November 2012, we’re running a special promotion for new clients to our web-based certificate of insurance management software. Those who sign up now, get 50% off their first year subscription cost of using our software to collect, analyze, issue and renew certificates of insurance for their vendors and clients. The web-based system is accessible 24/7 to those you approve and centralizes all document and data work flow. With OCR technology, our system reads your scanned  certificates and automatically populates the information they contain within the SmartCompliance system for your approval. Here’s what one of America’s leading TPAs has to say about our system:

“I’d highly recommend SmartCompliance to any risk and insurance companies looking to streamline document and work flow management, improve the services they provide for clients, andimprove the collective sanity and efficiency of their organization.” – Skip Brechtel, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at CCMSI

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